LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- It is a story that has come full circle, two puppies rescued from freezing cold temperatures near a dumpster are now ready for adoption. The overwhelming response from people who want to make the puppies part of their family has left the Kentucky Humane Society in a unique position.

For the first time ever the Kentucky Humane Society has to hold a lottery to adopt out the two puppies, Gregory and Samson. So many people have expressed interest in offering them a forever home that the shelter says this is the only fair way.

It is hard to believe the playful pups, Gregory and Samson, are the same two dogs the Kentucky Humane Society was given just one week ago.

“They were covered in urine and very, very wet and cold and it was about a nine degree wind chill that day,” said Andrea Blair with the Humane Society.

Gregory and Samson were found on Industrial Boulevard near Fern Valley Road in horrific condition. A truck driver picked them up while on his route.

“He discovered a plastic bin that had been shoved up against a dumpster and when he looked inside there were four puppies there,” said Blair.

Two of the puppies were already dead but Rumpke driver Gregory Curry was able to save Gregory and Samson.

“He put them in his truck, warmed them up slowly, gave them a little bit of water and then continued on his route until we opened and brought them to us that morning,” said Blair.

Seven days later and the puppies are healthy and ready for a forever home. But the Humane Society says it has never seen a reaction from the community quite like this one. There has been so much interest in adopting Gregory and Samson that the shelter had to set up a lottery.

“We're asking people to submit applications either by email or dropping off at our main campus in South Louisville by tonight at 6 PM and we'll just do a random lottery based on qualified adopters,” said Blair.

The investigation into who left the puppies by a dumpster in the freezing cold is still ongoing.
The Humane Society says this story is a reminder that everyone can help protect animals and that there are so many options in Kentuckiana for unwanted pets.

“If you have an unplanned liter or puppies you can't get rid of, please contact the Kentucky Humane Society, Metro animal services or another local rescue or shelter, there are so many great options in our community for animals who are no longer wanted,” said Blair.

Gregory and Samson are shepherd mixes and are about eight weeks old and Blair says they are expected to get very big based on their paw sizes.

The KY Humane Society is adopting them out separately because they say often times when puppies are adopted together they only bond with each other and not their new families.

The deadline to enter the lottery is 6:00 Wednesday night, you can fill out an application here: http://www.kyhumane.org/samson-gregory