Remembering Muhammad Ali (1942 - 2016)
Author: Tabnie Dozier
Published: 5:41 PM EDT May 31, 2017
Updated: 7:45 PM EDT May 31, 2017
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- They are images we will never forget, and many say we'll never see the likes of it again in our lifetime. As we near one year since Muhammad Ali’s death, we are reflecting on that overwhelming show of love when Ali passed away.

Many say Ali's greatest contribution is that his influence will forever live on.

There is now even more reason to be inspired by his legacy, one year later. A six-week I Am Ali Festival will highlight the Champ’s six core principles: spirituality, giving, respect, conviction, dedication, and confidence.

“It was unthinkable that he would actually pass away. His spirit was so big and his impact was so wide,” said Jeanie Kahnke with the Muhammad Ali Center.

Kahnke said businesses of all kinds are involved with the community-wide festival which will last until July 15.

“Everything from restaurant discounts, to attractions to special exhibits, festivals, you name it and you can find it,” Kahnke said.

Kahnke tells us, “The community has been absolutely wonderful in coming together yet again to show how much they love Muhammad and how his legacy meant to them.”

The Muhammad Ali Center just opened a new “Breaking Barriers” exhibit.

We’re told ESPN wanted to highlight other inspirational athletes like Ali who used their platform to spur social change.

The center is hosting weekly events including youth and health festivals and a screening of the Champ's memorial service.

“The community has been absolutely wonderful in coming together yet again to show how much they love Muhammad and how his legacy meant to them,” Kahnke said.

The first 2,000 guests at the Louisville Bats Home Game will receive a Muhammad Ail hat on Saturday June 3. Players and coaches will be wearing special jerseys Saturday Night. The Jerseys will be available in an on-line auction starting Wednesday, June 7, with proceeds going to the Ali Center. Game time is scheduled for 6:35 PM and there will be a special pre-game appearance by Lonnie Ali.

Tickets for the game start at $10.

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