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Chick-fil-A franchise gives employees 3-day workweek option

The labor shortage has a lot of businesses struggling to find employees, but a Miami Chick-fil-A owner-operator may have discovered the secret sauce for staffing.

MIAMI — A Chick-fil-A operator in southwest Florida found a schedule that works for his employees — it might be the first of its kind for the franchise.

Justin Lindsey, chain operator in Miami, Florida, said in an interview with QSR Magazine that bumping up PTO or benefits wasn't ground-breaking enough when it came to satisfying his employees.

I mean, what more could he offer an award-winning staff that achieves the overall sales and profit honor four out of five years running? Lindsey told QSR his staff would work 70 hours per week and joke about being exhausted at times. 

"Honestly, I can do better," he told QSR he thought to himself.

Thus, he introduced the three-day workweek to his staff at the Chick-fil-A Kendall location. Through this well-thought out plan, he said workers are able to have a set schedule with the ability to have a life outside of work.

Lindsey told TODAY Food that he wanted to lead with generosity.

"And generosity for me is two things: It's pay and it's time," he said to the outlet.

This is how it works: employees on the three-day schedule work in two pods. Each pod works three consecutive 12-to-14 -hour day, while also having two weekends and seven days off in a row each month. 

Lindsey told TODAY Food the schedule is especially popular among his employees who are single parents and students. 

He's also experienced 100% retention at the management level since dividing the store into two pods and initiating the three-day workweek.

While some might the long workdays would increase employee lag, Lindsey argues that it does the complete opposite. On long days, especially busy Saturdays, by mid-shift when transactions are back-to-back, employees couldn't wait to clock out, he told QSR. But now, with the three-day workweek and employee camaraderie within their perspective pods, knowing that they have four days off ahead helps get them through the longer shifts, he said. 

And don't forget, Chick-fil-A is always closed on Sundays — a permanent off-day for all employees.  

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