In a year when pro-life bills gave gained traction in Kentucky’s capital, pro-choice supporters looked to counter the momentum and make their presence known in the Frankfort.

The message was clear to the sea of pink sign-waving supporters.

The recent passage of the informed consent abortion bill and introduction of others like it brought a large crowd to the reproductive rights rally.

Many spoke at the rally, but the loudest ovation came for Representative Mary Lou Marzian, sponsor of the so-called “Viagra bill.”

"You know I just am sick and tired of politicians, governors, presidential candidates injecting inserting themselves into private personal medical decisions," Marzian said.

The 34th District Rep recalled the attention she's received since introducing what she described as a "tongue in cheek bill" that would force a man to see a doctor twice before and only to sleep with his current spouse after receiving erectile dysfunction treatments.

Representative Marzian told supporters it was a reminder to them of what's at risk this session.

"Reproductive rights, including access to safe, legal abortions and birth control pills, because there's people who think a birth control pill is a murder, is under attack and we've got to stop it and we've got to stop it now and it's going to take you want to do it," Marzian said.

Organizers also made a point of reminding supporters about the upcoming special election to fill four seats in the house…a vote some here know could be key impacting how reproductive rights legislation progresses at the Capitol.