The latest Bluegrass Poll results reveal a Commonwealth divided on two hot topics.

Both of the issues surround Kentucky's marriage license system and the controversial decision by Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis.

Davis went to jail claiming her religious beliefs kept her from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. That decision sparked the debate whether lawmakers should step in.

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Bluegrass Poll conducted for WHAS11 News, and our reporting partners at the Louisville Courier Journal, focused on the issues and included two questions:

Take a look at these results when we asked what the Kentucky Legislature should do about the commonwealth's marriage license system. 34 percent of those polled want clerks to issue all licenses while 31 percent want to remove clerks from the process and 29 percent think clerks should be allowed to remove their name from marriage licenses. The margin of error is 3.1 percent.

We also asked whether the state legislature should remove Kim Davis from officer or allow her to continue in office. To that poll question the Commonwealth is fractured nearly down the middle. 46 percent want Davis out while 47 percent think she should stay. 7 percent of registered voters aren't sure.

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The Bluegrass Poll also indicates that this issue divides the two primary political parties. 60-percent of democrats want Davis removed from office while 70 percent of republicans take the side of allowing her to continue her job.

74 percent of voters who plan to cast a ballot for Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Jack Conway back the removal of Kim Davis. Compare that to 81percent of those who told us they support Republican Candidate Matt Bevin who also think the Rowan County Clerk should remain in office.

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Another insight we get from these Bluegrass Poll results comes from voters who identified as "moderate". They're not torn. 44 percent of them feel the legislature should require clerks to issue all licenses while 58 percent of them told us Kim Davis should be removed from office

See the poll results below: