LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) – The Kentucky neighborhood schools bill is effectively done for in the 2017 Kentucky General Assembly, according to Senator Dan Seum.

Senator Dan Seum said he was frustrated that there wasn't enough time to pass the plan which would allow parents to opt out of bussing and choose their closest public school.

The republican from Jefferson County surprised some in the Senate late Tuesday afternoon when he said the plan will instead be the focus of an interim committee after the session ends.

He told WHAS11 News there was simply not enough time to pass HB151 and the charter school bill's before this shortened session ends.

“So I'm upset. I wonder why we haven't done this I got to say to my chairman of the education committee the senator from warden wanted to hear this bill but we've run up against charter schools and I happen to think charter schools at this point is probably more important for these kids that we might have a different system in place to send a message to the system I've got,” Sen. Dan Seum, R-Ky Senate Dist. 38, said.

Senator Seum said an interim education committee will look into failing schools in Jefferson County after this session ends in an effort to craft legislation for next year.