LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- Indiana's junior U.S. Senator thinks red flag laws and common-sense gun legislation needs to happen.

In a conversation with WHAS11 Political Editor Chris Williams, Senator Mike Braun, a Republican, explained why supporters of the 2nd amendment should support changes now.

Senator Braun is warning there needs to be action now or deal with what comes when people like him are not directing the conversation in D.C.

The Jasper, Ind. native was in the Louisville area because he has been traveling Indiana to talk to constituents. 

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Recent shootings and calls for new gun laws was a large part of the conversation during his stop at WHAS11. He's calling for so-called red flag laws, similar to those in Indiana, that allow for officials to take guns from individuals deemed a risk to themselves or others.

Senator Braun also wants to see focused background screenings, although he opposes so-called universal background checks.

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"I want to start the process so that we can keep that right to own arms for law-abiding citizens, by doing anything in the kitchen sink when it comes to common sense stuff that's not going to impact law-abiding citizens from his or her right, but still start doing something--otherwise it will go the other way and when we don't control the dynamic in DC we'll have laws that we might regret,”  Braun said.

He describes himself as a "devout 2nd Amendment supporter" who thinks others like him are hoping to steer this discussion for that reason.

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