WASHINGTON — One day after the Democratic-controlled House passed a bill to fund agencies for the next year, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell objected a move by Senate Democrats to vote on the bill.

During his remarks on the Senate floor today, McConnell said there is a clear need for more border security, and Democrats refuse to work on bipartisan solutions.

McConnell argued that the border security Democrats supported during Obama's tenure were not different than Trump's proposal, and that Democratic legislators are operating on politics only.

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"Partisan tantrums are no way to govern," McConnell said. "My Democratic colleagues need to get serious about their responsibilities, seek treatment for their brand-new partisan allergy to border security, sit down with the president, and negotiate a solution that works for everyone. That is the only way to move the country forward."

The United States is now entering day 20 of this partial government shutdown, and President Trump is currently in a Texas border town to make the case for his long-promised border wall. Yesterday, Trump walked out of negotiations with Democratic leaders on finding a way to end the shutdown.

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