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Mandy Connell apologizes for calling Obama, 'half-breed'

Mandy Connell apologizes for calling Obama, 'half-breed'

84WHAS Radio's Mandy Connellis apologizing for calling President Barack Obama a 'half-breed' on her mid-morning show this week. Radio station management says it has accepted her apology for the slur and she will not be disciplined.

The comment prompted a facebook drivenprotest by the Fairness Campaign.

The Courier-Journal's Tom Loftusspoke to Connell and to the Fairness Campaign's Chris Hartman:

She said, 'America has allowed poor people like Oprah Winfrey to come from nothing and create a billion-dollar media enterprise. At the same time it has allowed a young half-breed man and I say half-breed not in a derogatory way, it was just the first thing I thought of to become president'

Chris Hartman, director of the Fairness Campaign, a Louisville rights group, called the use of the phrase 'an irresponsible racial slur.'

The Fairness Campaign sent out an e-mail to its supporters Thursday with an audio of Connell's comments attached and asked supporters to 'Tell WHAS what you think!'

Even though Connell immediately tried to qualify her use of the phrase, Hartman said, anyone who uses such a term must be held to account.

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