It was supposed to be top priority, but weeks into the Kentucky General Assembly and lawmakers in Frankfort have yet to put forward a pension reform bill.

That lack of action now being called into question by Governor Matt Bevin.

Friday, both the Senate President and House Speaker pro tempore told us that a pension reform bill is close, some suggest it could be announced early next week.

As the Governor left a news conference about fighting the opioid addiction, we asked whether he expects to soon see a proposal.

"We've been close to a pension bill since last year, we really have,” said Governor Bevin. “I mean, the details and the facts are there. The scores are there. It's just a function of focus and prioritizing. I expect it, I really do. I appreciate that we want to get dogs out of the back seats of cars on a hot day, I think the pension bill is a little bit more important. I would encourage our legislators just getting it over the end line.”

Senate President Robert Stivers blamed part of the delay on the system being bogged down with multiple parts of pension bills, Governor Bevin blamed part of the distraction on "people's bad behavior" adding, "It's always in a town like this and at a time like this there's always the ability to be distracted if we allow ourselves to be".

You can see the entire exchange with Governor Matt Bevin, here.

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