LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- They're typically against one another, but Governor Matt Bevin is asking for help from Kentucky's Attorney General to combat the state's opioid epidemic.

In a letter, Bevin calls on Andy Beshear to join forces against the epidemic by pursuing joint legal action against opioid drug manufacturers and distributors.

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At a news conference on Feb. 5, the governor says we have to keep people from falling into what he calls the "funnel of addiction."

“There's no amount of money, there's no amount of programs, and there's no number of beds available in Kentucky or anywhere to address this only if we deal with it at the bottom of the tunnel,” Bevin said. “This funnel of addiction, if we let everyone fall into it, without closing off the top, we can't begin to address it at the bottom.”

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In that letter, Bevin's counsel says they must fight the opioid epidemic on all fronts including legal, legislative, and judicial in order to succeed.