SHEPHERDSVILLE, Ky. -- Medical marijuana is getting more attention in Frankfort, and now it’s getting more support around the state.

The Hillview City Council and the Bullitt County Fiscal Court are throwing their support behind resolutions supporting medicinal marijuana.

While Sen. Dan Seum has thrown his support behind a medicinal marijuana bill in the Senate, his son is working on a grassroots education effort that has a lot of people buzzing.

“This cannabis industry is already here,” said Dan Seum Jr. “We need to bring it out of the black market.”

In the same way, he is fixing up this old house he sees marijuana as a fix for numerous issues in the Bluegrass State.

“Medicinal marijuana right now in states that have adopted cannabis regulation there is a 24.8 percent reduction in opioid overdoses,” said Seum Jr. “That is the big benefit.”

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While medical marijuana laws have failed repeatedly in Frankfort, Seum is having success campaigning for a change in small towns across Kentuckiana.

“It was the time to bring it out because of the fact that our state is broke,” said Seum Jr.

That has caught the attention of Bullitt County Judge Executive Melanie Roberts.

“Here in Bullitt County, and in my administration, we are very supportive of medical marijuana,” said Bullitt County Judge Executive Melanie Roberts.

Following Judge Roberts lead Bullitt County is drafting a resolution supporting medicinal marijuana.

“Why wouldn’t a person such as myself be in favor of helping people who are suffering with such horrible diseases or illnesses,” said Judge Roberts.

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“We want to get a safe product for the people who are already consuming it,” said Seum Jr. “Then we could take the tax and help with the pension, help with drug addiction, and help with the things that we think this revenue will bring.”

“We here in the county are relentlessly pursuing the state legislators, and federal legislators, and letting them know folks have to be served in their local communities,” said Judge Roberts. “Hopefully the legislators in Kentucky will hear our voices.”

Judge Roberts tells me that she fully expects the fiscal court to pass their medical marijuana resolution at Tuesday night’s meeting which starts at 6:30.

Seum will be holding his own informational meeting on medicinal marijuana legalization on Thursday at the fiscal court chambers.