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How to find your Spotify Wrapped

Here's how to see the good, the bad and the embarrassing of your 2021 streaming habits via Spotify Wrapped. Whether you decide to share it is up to you.

'Tis the season for sharing Spotify Wrapped. 

If you listen to music through the streaming service Spotify, you may have browsed the platform's annual Spotify Wrapped feature in years past. The interactive roundup catalogues users' top songs, artists, albums and more. 

As many Spotify users know, the year-end recap is a walk down musical memory lane, one where no listener can hide the good, the bad and the embarrassing of their streaming habits.

How to find your 2021 Spotify Wrapped

To access your personalized round-up, open your Spotify app on a mobile device. On the home screen, you should see a button that says "Your 2021 Wrapped is here."

This prompt will take you through the Instagram Story-style slideshow of your top artists, songs, genres, podcasts and other lists, including a visual depiction of your "audio aura" -- a blur of colors that Spotify says represents your "top music moods." 

You'll also get to see stats like how many minutes you spent listening to music and how your streaming habits compare to other fans of your top artist. 

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Credit: Screenshot from Spotify

The interactive experience won't be accessible on desktop, but you will be able to listen to a customized playlist of your top songs and artists on a computer. 

As you scroll through your Spotify Wrapped, you'll have the option to share one or more graphics to your social media-- or just keep it to yourself, if it was that kind of year.

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