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'I saw my 6-year-old laying in a pool of blood' | Texas father opens up after son was beaten with baseball bat

Local Asian organizations have called for transparency after 39-year-old Daniel Logan was charged with two first-degree felonies as a result of the attack.

GEORGETOWN, Texas — A happy 6-year-old boy, Jeremy had just gotten a new belt in jiu-jitsu, played his first soccer match and was studying Chinese characters. His father, Arturo, was excited for what was ahead of him. 

"He was telling his mama on the way home [that] he just couldn't wait to start the week, to go back to jiu-jitsu, tie the belt. And the last thing I told him when he got covered [was], 'See you in the morning.' He was so eager to go to sleep," said Arturo, who did not provide a last name for himself or his son.

But that optimism and joy would turn into sheer despair. 

On Sept. 11, at around 5 a.m., Williamson County deputies responded to a disturbance on Rock Mill Loop in Georgetown. An affidavit obtained by KVUE detailed that 39-year-old Daniel Logan struck his mother with a baseball bat before forcing his way into his neighbor's home and assaulting Jeremy with the bat as well.

"I saw my 6-year-old laying in a pool of blood," Arturo said. "He was hit in the back of his head, shattered the back of his skull into pieces. Now, I am just told by the ICU that he is not gonna make it."

Logan's house is next door to Arturo's. Arturo said he has lived in his Georgetown home since 2014 and never had any issues with anyone.

Seeing his son's state has led him to reflect on Jeremy's middle name: Emmanuel. 

"[The name] means 'God with us,' and darkness came into my house and took away my candle," Arturo said. "He gave us six wonderful years." 

Deputies still have not determined Logan's motive. As of now, Logan faces two first-degree felony charges, injury to a child and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon against a family member.

A GoFundMe has been started to help Jeremy's family.

Local Asian organizations have called for transparency, saying Williamson County law enforcement and the District Attorney’s Office have not provided any updates or information regarding the motives of the attack to the family or the community.

“We urge local law enforcement to conduct a thorough and complete investigation on behalf of the Tang Diaz family and all of the members of our community. We call on the Williamson County District Attorney’s Office to act swiftly in order to keep our communities safe and see that justice is done. Whether or not this crime was a targeted hate crime or a random act of violence, we rely on our justice system to use good judgment and their discretion to hold Jeremy’s perpetrator accountable for his heinous actions,” said Hugh Li, president of Austin Chinese-American Network (ACAN).

“The Asian American community in Central Texas has experienced a number of violent crimes against our community in the last several years. Community members are concerned and outraged at the lack of transparency shown by local officials. Whether this was a racially motivated event is of great importance to our community and we demand answers,” said Pooja Sethi, president of Indian American Coalition of Central Texas (IACCT). 

“We’ve seen a pattern across Texas when acts of violence are perpetrated against people of color, law enforcement is slow to investigate the crimes thoroughly or fails to provide adequate information. The Asian American community is the fastest growing racial group in Texas and Central Texas, yet we are consistently ignored - even when our physical safety is being threatened. Williamson County must take swift action and provide answers now,” added Lily Trieu, executive director of Asian Texans for Justice.

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