Dozens of birds were found inside a man’s apartment in Rancho Bernardo, California, Wednesday morning, according to the San Diego Humane Society.

Humane Law Enforcement officers were called to the 11000 block of Avenida De Los Lobos, where they made the bizarre discovery.

According the San Diego Humane Society, more than 80 birds were seized from the one-bedroom apartment. They stated that most of the birds are cockatiels that were flying freely inside the unit and "living in unsanitary conditions." 

Because of the unsanitary and possible dangerous conditions, San Diego Humane Society officers wore protective gear to seize the cockatiels.

Officers put the birds into boxes and placed them into their trucks where they will do an initial assessment to check for any possible medical problems.

“It is extremely sad to see animals living like this, but we are glad we are able to get these birds the care they need,” said Sgt. Laurel Monreal.

Officers said it was a tedious task collecting the chirping birds one by one as they were being placed into boxes. 

A man living inside the home was detained by police officers and was brought out in handcuffs. Mental health officials were also on scene. 

Neighbors who live nearby told News 8 they were not happy with what the man was doing inside his apartment. They say he was verbally aggressive towards them, and the birds were very loud. Neighbors also told News 8 the bird’s owner had been breeding the birds in his unit for years.

Residents claimed the flock of birds had created an infestation of insects plaguing the nearby apartments.  

"When he introduced himself to me, I said 'Oh, you're Robert the Bird Man,' and he got all insulted," said one neighbor who identified herself as Holly. She also told News 8 he had a history of hassling the other residents.

Humane Society officers said they are doing their best to protect all the birds as they transport them to the Humane Society on Gaines Street for further medical attention. The priority now will be to make sure the birds and their owner are taken care of.