LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- One day after Metro Council released a redacted version of the report into LMPD’s Youth Explorer sex abuse scandal, Mayor Greg Fischer is standing by LMPD Police Chief Steve Conrad.

Fischer called the new developments "deeply disturbing”, but said his support of Conrad has not wavered in light of it.

"Chief is an honest man. He works his tail off for this city day in and day out. Things are going to happen in a city of 750,000 people, so then the question is, how do you respond to them? And you can see from what he does, day in and day out, and in this report as well, he takes corrective action, so yes, I support him,” Fischer said.

Conrad did not answer questions on the report after its release.

He is accused of keeping an alleged abuser on the force, even after an assistant chief suggested firing him.

Fischer said, "Clearly in hindsight, things could have been done differently, but you don't have that information when it's done at the time, so recommendations came out with the report that we're grateful for, so we'll evaluate all of those.”

The mayor said he is now ready to move forward but mayoral candidate and Metro Councilwoman Angela Leet is saying not so fast.

"It’s a sad day for us. It really is and to think that the reaction is anger, well you should've been angry a long time ago, you should've been angry in 2016,” Leet said.

She said leadership should've taken action sooner. "I think there is absolutely a possibility that either others have been harmed or that they're at risk,” Leet said.

Leet said the most disturbing details of the report were not released to the public but instead redacted.

Now, she’s calling for a complete clean out of current leadership.

"I think it’s time for new leadership because clearly we're not seeing the decisions and responsibility and the draw the line in the sand and say we've got to do better,” Leet said.

Both Leet and Fischer say they are focused on learning from the report and holding those responsible, accountable.

"Justice will run its course,” Fischer said.

The commonwealth’s attorney’s office is reviewing the report to see if it contains any new information or suggests additional charges are warranted.

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