LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- A Jefferson County judge is considering shock probation for a man convicted of eight DUIs since 2002. John Przybylek pleaded guilty to five charges, including his eighth DUI in April, Friday he went before a judge asking for shock probation.

"His history is ridiculous," prosecutor Kristi Gray said.

John Przybylek has DUI charges dating back to 2002. Most recently he was convicted of DUI in April, along with four other charges. These charges arose from a collision that occurred on March 28, 2016 at the intersection of South Hurstbourne Parkway and Watterson Trail.

"He’s one of the reasons that other families suffer on a regular basis. People like him who get behind the wheel when they're drunk are the reason innocent families suffer way too often in this county," Gray said.

Because this is his first time in prison, Przybylek is eligible for shock probation and went before the judge for a hearing Friday morning.

Przybylek said, “Every time that I drink and drive I know I could've hurt somebody. My actions have lead to where I'm at, in prison now. And it has been a horrible experience.”

Przybylek told the court he needs grief counseling as he's still struggling with the sudden deaths of multiple family members.

His wife said she will hold him accountable if he gets out.

"John will never ever do this again. Put other people's lives in jeopardy," Sharon Przybylek said.

But the prosecutor argued that’s just not how this works.

Gray said, "It’s not just that he's an alcoholic, he makes a decision to get behind the wheel and there is nothing that anybody can do no matter how much they care about him or how much they treat him, nothing anybody can do to assure this court or community that he's not going to do that again."

"The commonwealth is correct, the safe guard of the community is a top priority”, the judge agreed.

The judge plans to take everything she heard into consideration and make a final decision in the next week.