LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Two Louisville statues with Confederate ties will be moved to new locations at the recommendation of the mayor.

The John B. Castleman statue in the heart of the Highlands and George Prentice statue outside the main library will be moved.

"This is not at all erasing history. It’s just moving it to a more appropriate place,” Mayor Greg Fischer said.

The decision comes after a recommendation from the Public Art and Monuments Advisory Committee. The group went through 400 pieces of public art and then decided the two statues were of community concern.

Fischer said, "We do not live in a time where in the case of Prentice we want to celebrate hate speech and the death of immigrants. Or in the case of Castleman- celebrating any aspect of the Confederacy- which, in its rawest form was the buying and selling and breeding of human beings for profit. That is not what we stand for in this city or this country."

Even then, he knows the decision won't come without controversy. Some Highlands residents are already opposing the move.

"To think that this is where we are now is really sad,” Don Harris, who lives in the Highlands, said.

The hope is that the statues will find their new home in Cave Hill Cemetery, where both men are buried.

The mayor hopes the move is made before the end of the year.