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Hikes Point intersection becomes point of concern for nearby homeowners

After a young girl was hit while crossing Breckenridge Lane, people in the area are sounding the alarm on the "dangerous" intersection.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — After a young girl was hit by a car while trying to cross the street in Hikes Point, nearby residents are calling for changes to the intersection they call "dangerous."

The young girl, who the Louisville Metro Police Department believe to be a sixth-grader, was crossing Breckenridge Lane at Hikes Point around 7 a.m. Friday when police say she was hit, officers said.

"It's sad," Jasmine Daye, a nearby homeowner and mother, said. "I pray that she's okay. I really do."

The young girl was rushed to Norton Children's Hospital where she had surgery. She is currently in critical condition, according to an LMPD press release. 

Olga is another neighbor who lives in an apartment complex, just feet from where the incident occurred.

"It's always a little scary when it is right here," she said. "It's not safe really."

She is referring to the intersection, one she's lived by for 26 years. She described what has become a perfect storm of poorly designed roadways, plenty of businesses and distracted drivers, which she believes, creates a threat for pedestrians and drivers.

"Yes, yes, yes because I have a ten year old and she walks to her friend's house," Daye said, agreeing with Olga. "This really shows me, even though she's getting older, I still need to drive her."

While LMPD is still looking into the cause of Friday's crash, separately, Daye said she loses count of the number of reckless drivers she sees in that area on the daily.

"People try to beat the light, people speed through here all the time," Daye said. "They're not paying attention."

Olga said in lieu of feeling safe, she believes more needs to be done to counter the "dangerous" intersection.

"We need to put some more signs, some slow down signs," she said.

Both her and Daye also suggested adding more traffic lights along Breckenridge Lane, near the Kroger, to slow traffic.

As of right now, LMPD has yet to release details regarding the young girl's identity or where she was headed Friday morning.

We will update this story as we learn more.

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