LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- Some Louisville neighborhoods are underwater as of Monday, and many others are seeing threatening flood water.

In the Riviera neighborhood, near Blakenbaker and River Road, neighbors examined their homes from boats in the street. In the worst of it, houses were submerged in 12 to 15 feet of water.

Homeowner John Fleming took a WHAS11 crew out in his boat as he saw his house for the first time since the water stopped rising.

"Once we get flowing it goes fairly easy, we just have to stay in the middle of the road so we're not tagging mailboxes," Fleming explained from the boat.

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Here is a look at John Fleming's home in Louisville's Riviera neighborhood.

Fleming’s house is partially submerged in about 10-feet of water. We first saw his home on Friday as he packed up what he could and piled up the rest. He was hopeful it would be high enough to stay above the water but learned Monday, the water flowed higher.

"Now the water is above the tables but the plastic containers are still there; they are not floating yet," he explained, as we floated into the garage.

Fleming guessed the water was 6-inches higher than he anticipated.

Despite this sight, he stayed positive and said he is grateful. His losses will be minimal compared to those of his neighbors.

FACEBOOK LIVE: Checking in with the Riviera neighborhood, homeowner taking us to house by boat

The first floor of many of their homes is now underwater, meaning whatever was left will be a loss.

The next step for this neighborhood will be the clean-up. But that won’t start until the water recedes.

For now, neighbors don’t expect to see their driveways and basement floors until the end of this week.