LEITCHFIELD, Ky. (WHAS11) -- For almost two decades, shoppers at the Leitchfield Walmart would be greeted with a hello, a wave or a hug from Jessica Culbreth.

"I enjoy that, helping other people," Culbreth, a greeter at the Walmart, said. "I mean I do things I can for other people."

Culbreth, who began working at Walmart full-time in 1999, has a collection at her home of memories made at her time at the retail giant, including photos of her with co-workers and customers, and certificates commemorating her five-year, 10-year and 15-year anniversary.

She was getting ready to celebrate 20 years at Walmart in June, until her mother, Tammy Ashley, received a call from the store's manager on Monday.

"He said that as of April 26, Jessica would no longer have a job because they were deleting the door greeters," Ashley said.

Ashley said she told greeters would be allowed to stay only if there is another position in Walmart open that they could switch to, but said the problem is that Jessica, who has cerebral palsy, uses a motorized chair that would keep her from performing certain roles at the store.

"It's hard to take that you might lose your job," Culbreth said.

In a Facebook post shared hundreds of times, Tammy expressed her disappointment with Walmart for their policy, though she has expressed her appreciation for the local Leitchfield branch for their support through the years, including several who have offered Culbreth new jobs.

"They don't have a greeter or anything but she said they could love to have Jess come and work for them," she said. "They would make a spot fo her to greet people."

"It shows me they love me," Culbreth said. "Yeah. I like that."

WHAS11 has reached out to Walmart for comment. A spokesperson for Walmart said the company is looking into this case.