TEMPLE, Texas — OREO has come out with some pretty unique flavors over the years, but a picture floating around online and on social media shows what appears to be a Kraft mac and cheese flavored OREO. Yuck! 

The picture shows the OREO box with the words "KraftDinner" flavored creme, along with the label "limited edition." 

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This seemed like a pretty bizarre combination for OREO to come out with, so we decided to do some digging to find out if it was real.

We reached out to the company directly, and a spokesperson followed up.

"Confirming that this is NOT real. There is not a Kraft Mac and Cheese flavored OREO, nor do we have any plans to release this flavor," the statement said.

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So we can verify, no, OREO does not sell Kraft Mac and Cheese flavored OREOS, and won't be doing so anytime soon. 

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