In this very active flu season, the chances are high that you or someone you know will catch the virus.

Influenza cases have risen sharply across the nation and remains widespread in 49 states, according to the Centers for Disease Control. The severe flu season is on track to be as bad the 2014-15 outbreak that caused an estimated 56,000 deaths, federal health officials said.

In Kentucky, there have been 100 flu-related deaths, that's according to the Department for Public Health.

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But what happens after you've already gotten over the flu? Can you get it again? Our colleagues at 11Alive took the question to medical professionals to get an answer.


Can you get the flu twice in one season?


Yes, you can.


11Alive asked our medical correspondent Dr. Sujatha Reddy, with Premier Care For Women. She said it all depends on the particular flu strain you contract.

"Once you've had one strain, you should not get that one again, so you do have antibodies to that one. Those antibodies might protect you from a similar strain," Reddy said.

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So that's the good news. The bad news?

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"Unfortunately, once you've had the flu you can still get it again because you could get it from a different strain," she said.

According to Reddy, the flu vaccine protects you from either three or four strains of the flu. But there are always more than four strains floating around.

So, yes, you can get the flu twice in one season.


Dr. Sujatha Reddy, Premier Care For Women


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