We are halfway through the first month of the year... and we're hoping you're sticking to your healthy new year's resolution. With that in mind, some of you wanted us to verify a health question for you. Can you burn as many calories walking as you do running?


Ryan Modlinksi, Norton Healthcare

Angelique Clark, Personal Trainer at Northeast YMCA


"You burn more oxygen when you run, and not so much when you walk. For that reason, in and of itself, you burn more calories," Clark said.

"Running is clearly going to burn more calories and is an associated higher workload than walking is no matter how much walking at any speed you do for the same amount of time," Modlinski added.



In order to burn as many calories walking as you do running, you would have to walk for a longer period of time.

"Walking is relatively a more moderate level of exercise that's a little more safe to perform on an everyday basis so you're trading more calories, but you're also trading a higher workload and demand and potentially a risk for injury too," Modlinski said.


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