Some folks rely on immune boosters to help shorten the length of time you're sick, but can you really boost your immune system?

We took the question to our verify sources - Dr. Paul Schulz at Norton Healthcare and Charles Bangham, the Chair of Immunology at Imperial College in London.

In a 2016 article, Bangham told Business Insider, "People have this idea that the immune system is some kind of internal force field that can be boosted or patched up.”

“Most of those things are not scrutinized scientifically by the FDA so it's kind of hard to make any evidence-based recommendation on those sort of things. My advice to folks is, if they want to do that, most likely it’s not going to harm them, but it may not benefit them in any way,” Dr. Schulz said.

That's where our verify experts leave it -- not debunking the effectiveness of immune boosters outright. Instead, what they are certain of are the recommendations of getting vaccinations, maintaining a healthy diet and using common sense hygiene practices.