BARDSTOWN, Ky. (WHAS11) -- There are several yard signs lined along a small country road in Bardstown with messages like "Justice for Tommy and Crystal" and "Praying for Crystal's Safe Return."

Some of the signs are showing the effects of the weather and age, but as time continues to pass, the Ballard family's quest for justice is not wearing out.

"We're hoping it won't be another year to find out where Crystal is and who murdered our son Tommy," Till Ballard, Tommy Ballard's father, said.

Tommy Ballard was killed two years ago while he was hunting with his grandson on family property. Just 18 months earlier, Tommy's daughter, Crystal Rogers, disappeared, leading to months of searches, many of them led by Tommy. Both cases are still under investigation and no one has been arrested.

"There are 16 or 17 unsolved murders in Nelson County and Tommy was the last one," Ballard said.

According to Ballard, investigators have some new leads in Tommy's death, but they are not able to discuss what those leads are with anybody, including Ballard and his family.

Ballard said the Nelson County community has also been a great support to his family over the past few years. St. Thomas Church in Bardstown is scheduled to hold another special mass that will be open to the public for Tommy on Monday at 6:30 p.m. - two years after his death.

"He would do things for people that needed help and wouldn't charge them a dime," Ballard said. "That's the kind of person Tommy was."

The Ballards have also received a lot of national attention this past year with two recent documentaries profiling both Crystal's disappearance and Tommy's death, which Ballard said was very much appreciated for the attention it raised.

"It may not have helped a whole lot, but it couldn't hurt," he said. "I think the detective that came out of Washington, D.C., I think he really opened up a jar of worms as far as I'm concerned."

But as time ticks on, Ballard said he won't slow down when it comes to his quest to find those responsible for his family's heartache and then to make sure they are behind bars.

"You can't forget but you've got to forgive. Not here. I'm not forgiving nobody that killed, murdered my granddaughter and my son," he said. "If I have to go to hell for that, I guess I'll go because I'm not forgiving them."

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