LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – The Confederate monument on Third Street is on the move to a new home, but we're now getting a look at a hidden gem from its past.

Louisville's Public Art administrator opened the time capsule that has been inside the monument since 1895.

Old Courier-Journal articles say the capsule was believed to contain letters, pictures, fabric, and some old Confederate money

However, years of weathering have destroyed most of the contents.

After 121 years of standing along Third Street, the monument was scheduled to be cleaned and restored this week.

For now, the monument is being housed across the river in New Albany but the road to Brandenburg now features an unexpected curve.

November 28th is a day that Brandenburg, Kentucky, Mayor Ronnie Joyner says has been months in the making.

“We didn’t know anything at all about whether we would get it or not,” Brandenburg Mayor Ronnie Joyner said.

Now the city is scrambling to turn a riverfront that currently features Christmas lights into a suitable area for and 121-year-old Confederate monument that used to call Louisville home.

“It’s been kind of a long road, but then it got here pretty quick,” Joyner said.

However, the road from Louisville to Brandenburg already features an unplanned detour.

After the statue was deconstructed Mayor Joyner decided his city wanted the monument as is.

“There’s really nothing to restore,” Joyner said. “As far as the granite goes everything is just like brand new. We figured we’d just leave it alone.”

Keeping the patina on the statue is cheaper, and will pay homage to the history of the monument, which also includes a special design in the concrete base allowing relics of the past and present, to be sent into the future.

“We’re going to fix a time capsule out of plastic, and make it so that it’s airtight,” Joyner said. “We will fill it up with memorabilia or just things of this era like newspaper articles or whatever else we can get in this time capsule. We’ll drop it in there and concrete over it, and sit the monument up.”