LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – A group of kids were doing what they do best on the California Park basketball court Tuesday night; being kids.

It’s a sight Neal Robertson with the West Louisville Urban Coalition told WHAS11 News he would like to see more of.

“At 14, 15, 16 they're dying, they're shooting each other, that's going to leave something on their minds for a lifetime,” Robertson said, reacting to the recent teen violence Louisville is experiencing.

WHAS 11 News followed Robertson through the California Neighborhood after six teens were shot close by, earlier this month. His goal is to recruit men who want to be mentors for boys.

Since then, Louisville has seen four teenagers charged with murder and then in 24 hours, three kids shot. It’s the violent problem Robertson is trying to combat.

“Those kids, they don't know better,” he explained. “So, when they do something, they saw someone else do it, and they're trying to emulate somebody. So, we have to give them better people to model themselves after.”

Roberston said he knows things won't change overnight, but he has seen a difference already. After our story aired November 3rd on WHAS 11 News, Robertson said he saw more police patrolling the California Neighborhood.

“I asked them what were they doing, and they said they saw the interview and wanted to come out here and be a plus to the community.”

Robertson said he's still looking for men to step up and be role models so kids can keep being kids.

Robertson wants these mentors to spend at least three days a week patrolling the California Neighborhood

Anyone interested can contact Neal Robertson at NealR0414@gmail.com .