WHAS's new weather vehicle will have a HUGE impact on how we bring you the most accurate forecast. When severe weather strikes, the StormTeam Weather Beast will be On Your Side with up-to-date road conditions and potential threats. 

Here is what Chief Meteorologist Ben Pine had to say about the StormTeam Weather Beast:

“While chasing storms and tornadoes with a vehicle like the Beast can be a thrill, the main goal is to match up what we see on the radar with live video of what’s happening from the ground.  We often call this ‘ground truth.’  This ability increases accuracy and immediately shows us and viewers at home how severe the weather actually is. Plus, once the event is over, we can quickly find areas damaged by the storm, and possibly help relay potential emergency needs. 

But, it’s definitely not just about storm chasing.  The 4x4 Dodge Ram Beast is fully capable of hitting the roads during winter storms or traveling off the beaten path to find flooded areas. Yes, the Beast looks super cool, but more importantly, it is an amazing tool for the WHAS11 First Alert StormTeam.  This machine is outfitted with the latest newsgathering technology, live cameras, GPS, and radar tracking, among much more high-tech ‘bells and whistles.’ 

Keep an eye out for the Beast. If it’s in your neighborhood. A storm could be brewing!”

The Beast is powered by Commonwealth Dodge Ram.