LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) — Take one look at Ironman Village and you'll see all sorts of stories. There's no shortage of inspiration. That'll happen with a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run. It's an unimaginable task for most, but most of us aren't like Louie McGee.

"I get that question a lot - 'Oh Louisville, did you plan it like that?" McGee said.

The high school senior from Minnesota actually didn't, but this race destination is definitely destined.

"I have a nonprofit. With my nonprofit, we hope to inspire and work with visually impaired kids to help them reach their fullest potential,” McGee said.

McGee has Stargardt Disease, so no central vision. The diagnosis came at age five, but the determination to do great things is a lifelong trait.

"Focusing more on possibility instead of disability,” McGee said.

The 18-year-old has two sprint triathlons under his belt. Those total 18 miles, and he's about to ramp it up to 140.6.

"I know if I want to inspire people and do something good, you've got to go the whole way and do the whole thing,” McGee said.

To pull this off, McGee’s got a guide. It may be the teen's first race, but his guide Milan Tomaska has logged a few miles.

"This is my 11th Ironman,” Tomaska said.

He'd already signed up for the Louisville race when the two connected on Facebook. Six months of training later, a solo mission morphed into this perfect pair.

"I just cannot wait to see that. It's going to be really awesome,” Tomaska said.

For the swim, they'll be tethered ankle to ankle. The tandem ties them together for the bike, and it's a hip tether for the run.

"We're constantly together. We motivate each other. We're going through it just like everybody else,” Tomaska said.

They're just doing it a little differently.

"Anyone who has a challenge or is trying to overcome something, I hope they can look at this and use it as an inspiration,” McGee said.

Click here to learn more about McGee’s Foundation, Louie’s Vision: https://www.louiesvision.com/