LOUISVILLE, Ky. — It has been a Labor Day of fun splashing in a pool that almost did not open this summer.

Councilwoman Cindi Fowler of District 14 insisted she could get enough money together, repairs made and lifeguards trained to open it back up after budget cuts. 

"We wanted to make sure that the kids that can't afford to come to Kentucky Kingdom or some of the other swimming venues had an opportunity to swim," Fowler said.

After a short season, the Sun Valley Pool closed on Labor Day after the community helped it open in mid-July. 

"We come up here every year and every summer and it's something that I can get out with my grandkids and kids and we just have a good time," parent Marcia Glass said. 

Fowler used donations, capital infrastructure accounts and neighborhood development funds from District 14 to fill up the pool and hire lifeguards. The total cost was about $40,000.

"I felt like we needed to do that in order to keep the pool from being bulldozed," Fowler said. "If we didn't do it this year, it wouldn't have happened next year."

There were a few bumps.

"The pump will have to be replaced and chemical costs have been a little higher this year because of that," Fowler said. 

Despite that, it was a dive that paid off. The pool was almost at capacity every day with more than 100 hundred people coming out for a swim.

"In other years there had been fewer people coming in, but with I guess just one pool open it really did boost the attendance," Fowler said. 

In six weeks, the pool generated $10,000 in admission fees. 

"To have this option really did make my year because this summer was long, hot and without the pool being open it would've been not a fun summer," Valley Station resident Shayla Slinker said. 

There is $300,000 in the budget for next year. Fowler said the Sun Valley Pool is expected to open next Memorial Day for the 2020 season.

"I cannot be happier," Fowler said. "I came out here and I talked to some of the families that have drove from all parts of town to come and swim and enjoy the day."