Sunday Read: WHAS11's best stories this week
Sunday Read: WHAS11's best stories this week
Author: WHAS Staff
Published: 9:52 AM EST January 7, 2018
Updated: 10:05 PM EDT August 26, 2018
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- This week, WHAS11 covered many important stories, but we have compiled a list of our top stories of the week. These are stories that sparked change, made us think, warmed our hearts and taught us about our community. We hope you enjoy our best stories of this week.


Sunday Read: WHAS11's best stories this week

Chapter 1

Kroger plans to eliminate plastic bags by 2025

Say goodbye to the days of ‘paper or plastic.’ Come 2025, shoppers at Kroger in Louisville and across the country will carry their groceries in reusable bags.

“It's something that needs to happen and if they're going to do it, then Kroger needs to lead the way,” said shopper Tricia Payne.

The transition is still seven years away and Kroger spokesperson Erin Grant said there's a lot of details they're still working through. For example, it's unclear how much you'll have to pay, if anything, for the reusable bags and we don't know yet if they'll offer paper bags, too.

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Chapter 2

Male High School Football Player beats cancer, returns to field

High school student-athletes have so much on their plates as it is, but one Kentuckiana football player has faced something more challenging than most will ever know.

Walking the halls of Male high school as a student is a dream for some.

"Since about elementary school, that's where I wanted to go,” Male High School Student Caleb Efird said.

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Chapter 3

Community outraged after criminally charged dog breeder gets dogs back

Community members are speaking out in Campbellsville, where they say justice has been cut short.

Dozens of dogs, rescued from a breeding business will be returned to their owner.

The breeding business owners, Rebecca and Bobby Phillips, were charged with 82 counts of animal cruelty earlier this year. But this week they were offered a plea deal—one the community says is far from justice.

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Chapter 4

Bus drivers hired but concerns remain over pick-up spots in Shelby Co.

Living half a mile from the bus stop at the end of Bohannon Road in Pleasureville, Kentucky, Christal Bohannon told WHAS11 News she drives her 11-year-old daughter to work every morning so she can avoid the windy road with blind spots and hills.

But things get more complicated at the end of the day.

“There's not a house for about a half a mile down that road, that's her next available house to get some help if she needs it,” she explained.

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Chapter 5

Kentucky firefighters remember Captain Richard Gossman

On Friday, after receiving the news of retired fire captain Richard Gossman’s passing, Captain Kenny Amback went straight to the small sign outside Jeffersontown Fire Station 2 to begin writing his message.

“Our heartfelt condolences to the family of Captain Rick Gossman,” the sign read. “You will be missed.”

The ‘family’ referenced on the sign is the biological family of Gossman, but it could just as easily be directed at the family of coworkers at the fire department. Amback first met Gossman when he started as a firefighter back in 1992, and credited him as a mentor and a key reason he is a captain today.

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Chapter 6

Motion filed to reinstate Jimmy Harper's 'Major' title after trial win

Nearly a week after Jimmy Harper celebrated his win in a whistleblower lawsuit, his attorney told WHAS11 News that he wants to be a Major again.

A motion was filed Tuesday to reinstate that title.

“Being demoted for the reason he was demoted is humiliating and he wants to do something to try and restore his belief that he was doing the right thing, and the jury agreed he was doing the right thing by bringing his concerns to the Mayor,” attorney Thomas Clay explained.

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Chapter 7

HS Gametime LIVE! Week 2 highlights throughout Kentuckiana

Last week, Doss found itself on the wrong side of a major upset falling to JTown on their own field. On Friday, they looked to right the ship on the road at South Oldham in the battle of the Dragons.

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Chapter 8

Family of toddler accidentally shot, killed asks other parents to pay attention

A plea to parents tonight from the family of a little boy who accidentally shot and killed himself in Louisville last week, they want others to lock up their guns.

Two-year-old Montreal Dunn got a hold of his father's gun nearly a week ago. His family said it was an accident, the gun in the house for protection after another relative was killed.

"He was a bundle of joy, just like any other 2-year-old, just full of life," Phillip Dunn, the boy’s uncle, said.

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Chapter 9

Louisville program aims to find panhandlers jobs, reduce begging on streets

It's a call to action by Louisville Metro Council member David Yates to get panhandlers off the streets and into paying day jobs.

"What has to happen is that the city has to take the lead and then other people step up to help out," Yates said.

He hopes to spearhead a program that would be a partnership with metro government and area non-profits allowing panhandlers to earn a paycheck while cleaning the city. They'd also be given a meal and resources that could help them find future permanent employment.

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