Sunday Read: WHAS11's best stories this week
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Author: WHAS Staff
Published: 9:52 AM EST January 7, 2018
Updated: 5:30 AM EDT May 20, 2018
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- This week, WHAS11 covered many important stories, but we have compiled a list of our top stories of the week. These are stories that sparked change, made us think, warmed our hearts and taught us about our community. We hope you enjoy our best stories of this week.


Sunday Read: WHAS11's best stories this week

Chapter 1

What does Supreme Court sports betting ruling mean for Kentucky?

The land of horse racing. Our old Kentucky home has never laid out the welcome mat to sports betting.

“Can we get gaming done here in Kentucky? I think we'll be one of the last states,” Tony Vanetti, WHAS radio host, said.

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Chapter 2

TARC bus driver shortage leaves teenager stranded after work

Kentuckiana’s public transportation system, known as TARC, is in desperate need of new drivers. The business is currently canceling around three routes every day because there is no one to drive the bus.

More than 15-million people rely on TARC across Kentuckiana. George Bouquet's daughter is one of them.

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Chapter 3

Daughter finds father in Louisville after 40-year search

It may not be unusual to see a father and daughter sitting at a kitchen table together poring over old photos, but for Guy Sullivan and Tammy Cornett who met in Sullivan's kitchen Wednesday morning, this is the first time they have shared this experience.

That's because up until a few weeks ago, the two did not know each other existed.

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Chapter 4

Ethics complaint filed against Councilwoman

“Here's a street that needs to be paved that probably wouldn't be a high-dollar expense to take care of,” said Donna Purvis, Louisville Metro District 5 candidate.

Purvis said this is how she likes to campaign. Walking the streets of the district, figuring out what needs to be done and talking to the people who live here. But she says she's not in the business of smearing another candidate's reputation.

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Chapter 5

Louisville-based company creates school safety technology

It's a scene we've seen 22 times too many just this year. Another school shooting. More innocent lives taken too soon.

“It happened in an art room. That instantly hits home for me because my wife is an art teacher,” said Mike Dahl, Mobile Initiative CEO.

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Chapter 6

Sister of Parkway Place murder victim says brother had 'heart of gold'

The front steps of the porch at Parkway Place is now the site of a makeshift memorial with stuffed animals replacing police tape to remember the man who lived there, who was shot to death outside his home.

"He's my big brother. He's supposed to be protecting me. For somebody to do that, for what?" Danielle Marshall said. "It hurts. It hurts like hell because they didn't have to do him like that."

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