LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Hispanic Heritage Month is until October 15 and for the next two weeks, Juliana Valencia is highlighting Latino people in our community.

She starts with Ernesto Barrios. He earned a full ride to UofL and recently graduated with a chemical engineering degree. Instead of starting his career, Barrios is taking a year off with no pay to help his Dad start his new business—Havana Bakery Café on Fern Valley Road.

Barrios values family and thinks most people do in Hispanic cultures. He's thankful for his dad's sacrifice to get him to the states from Cuba at eight-years-old for a better life.

Barrios has helped his parents with the technology and social media part of the restaurant. They sell Cuban food like ropa vieja, tamales, pastries and bread.

He says it makes him happy when customers of other Hispanic heritages find food similar to what they were used to at home, but he loves when he gets people who've never tried food like this before.

“I'll let them sample here and there the pastries and their reaction 99 percent of the time is like ‘wow.’ It's like something new and something different and I'd say almost everybody repeats for sure,” Barrios said.

See the full Spanish interview with Barrios’ father and owner of Havana Bakery Café below: