LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- It was one of the most notorious murder cases in Louisville history. Two Trinity High School students were kidnapped, assaulted and murdered while trying to get to a football game. We have new information about the son of one of the killers.

The crime was heinous. Two Trinity High School students Scott Nelson and Richard Stephenson were lost searching for Manual's football Stadium when they were brutally killed.

'A family that could tolerate one of their children coming in laughing about having murdered two Trinity boys thinking that's funny and the parents didn't do anything or say anything about it. It tells you a lot about them. You can feel sorry for them and say they can't help it. They are poor, and this that and the other, but that does not make an excuse,' Emory Nelson said.

He is the father of one of the victim's Scott Nelson. He now lives in Florida and we talked to him by phone about what has happened to one of the suspect's son's who is charged with robbery.

'It seems like things like that they keep repeating. If the family environment is not one that is conducive to getting them out of that way of thinking than they are going to wind up the very same way and I am not surprised at all.'

George Wade and Victor Taylor were convicted of killing the 17-year-olds. In1984 the unsuspecting teens encountered Taylor and Wade at a Moby Dick restaurant. The suspects told them they would help them find the stadium in exchange for a ride.

Instead of taking them to the game, Wade and Taylor lured the boys to a vacant parking lot behind the stadium where one student was sexually assaulted and both were shot and killed.

In 2013 Wade's son, George Ellis Wade Jr., was indicted for robbery and being a persistent felony offender. Wade Jr.'s criminal history in Louisville dates back to 2001.

'Families that lived in atmosphere like they do they created their own problems to some degree.' Nelson said.

Wade Sr. is serving a life sentence in prison for the murders and Taylor is on death row. Wade Jr. has several pending cases. He has already been convicted in the past of robbery, theft and tampering with physical evidence.

Wade Jr. was two-years-old when the Trinity students were killed. The prosecutor's office says unfortunately they do see a number of cases where children of suspects are charged with crimes as well.