A man was taken to the hospital after Shively Police said an officer shot the man when he pointed a gun at the officer during a chase.

The man who was shot by the officer was identified by police as 26-year-old Terry Sams.

“This individual placed himself in a high-risk situation whereby an officer had to make a split second decision to pull and fire his weapon. We as officers never want to be placed in a situation where we have to draw our weapon and possibly take someone's life or injure someone,” said Shively Police Chief Kevin Higdon. 

Shively Police said officers were sent to the area near Grandview Drive and San Jose Avenue a little after 10 a.m. due to reports of a suspicious person, Sams, who had been spotted between homes.

Police said in a news conference on Friday that he was walking barefoot in the middle of the road and in yards. One neighbor said his dog had alerted him to the man by barking.

"I figured it was the mailman like he normally does, but then I looked out and saw a white guy, mid-20's, no shirt on, one shoe off, shorts, running around looking up to no good,” Robb Combs said.

"He started to run through people's backyards," neighbor Larry Florence said. "He'd come through my neighbor's backyard."

When officers found Sams they began to chase the man who tried to run away.

An officer, identified as Steve Becker, asked Sams to show his hands during the chase. In the video, you hear the suspect respond with profanity.  Seconds later, police said the suspect begins to turn around with a gun pointed at Becker. That’s when the officer pulled the trigger, hitting Sams multiple times in the ‘torso, hip and leg’ according to police. 

“Not a one of us comes into work expecting to have to do that or wanting to have to do that, to pull a weapon and shoot bullets at somebody,” said Lt. Col. Josh Myers with Shively Police. 

"It looked like he had a shoe in his hand, but the neighbor behind me said when he looked at it, it was a gun," Florence said. "So, at the side, before the cop shot him, he was loading his weapon."

"It's scary like normally my dog would have been back there playing, so if a guy's back there with a gun and a dog like Odin runs up to him, it could have been bad," Combs said.

A second body camera video from another officer on the scene shows that officer picking a handgun off the ground and securing it. Police said the gun was loaded and ready to be fired. Looking closely at the video, it shows a round flying out of the chamber. 

Police said they found drug paraphilia on Sams after he was shot.  

Sams was sent to University Hospital and is stable. 

None of the officers were injured, according to police, but Becker was sent to the hospital to be checked out. 

Becker has worked at the Shively Police Department for 11 years and is on administrative leave, as is standard procedure. 

“We don't take a look at the body cam and say okay, everything is fine. We have the full faith and trust in our internal affairs unit to thoroughly investigate this from start to finish,” Myers said. 

Sams has a lengthy criminal history.  We found more than 30 prior charges on his record. A dozen of them were felony charges including burglary and assault.

Sams will face wanton endangerment 1st degree, fleeing and evading police, possession of a handgun by a convicted felon, criminal trespassing and possession of drug paraphernalia once he is released from medical care.