LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Deciding to give flowers or food for Valentine’s Day can be a tough choice, but a local business said it has a simple solution. East Louisville’s Beef Jerky Outlet is located in Old Brownsboro Crossing. The store opened a couple years ago, and it’s offering two unique treats to take Valentine’s Day over the top.

There’s the Beef Box Bouquet, which comes in a reusable box complete with a koozie and plenty of snacks.

Photo: Sara Wagner

“It has sticks and heart-shaped jerky in it,” owner Tim Russeau said.

If you’re looking for a more traditional option, the Broquet has you covered. It comes with a few more fan favorites and also includes the festive décor.

"It has a nice Valentine's Day balloon in it and stuff like that,” Russeau said.

Photo: Sara Wagner

The bouquets start at $60, and it’s money Russeau said is well-spent to keep your honey happy and full.

"Why would you pay $80 for a bouquet that you can't eat? Why not buy something that you're going to eat and enjoy?" Russeau said.

It’s solid advice, too, as Russeau has a learned a lot about the industry. After hammering out 25 years in construction, he traded in a hard hat for the franchise, blending his passion and palette as a beef jerky boss.

"I've learned a lot along the way, it's been pretty neat,” Russeau said. “You’ve gone from the stuff we end up eating like Slim Jim type stuff or the really dry shoe leather type jerky to really artesian style jerky now. We’ll find something you like. I guarantee you. We’ve got about a hundred varieties in here. High protein, low fat- it’s actually a pretty decent snack to have. We have a lot of them in here, so come and get them.”

If you want to ship one of the Beef Box Bouquets, you need to get your order in by noon on Monday, February 12. You can also pick them up at the store in Old Brownsboro Crossing, but Russeau said they sell out fast so it’s probably best to not wait too long for that option, either.

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