This edition features local auctioneer, Shaun Logsdon. He’s the 2014 Kentucky State Champion of the Year and even got to auction off the grand champion ham at the Kentucky State Fair for $400,000. He’s also a real estate broker and owns The Logsdon Group and Premier Benefit Auctions. His team does 30-40 real estate auctions a year. His accolades are impressive, but the heart and soul behind them are even more special.

The bidding bug bit Logsdon early on.

“I grew up going to auctions. My dad and grandfather always went to auctions and collected different things and antiques,” Logsdon said.

A seemingly ordinary event in college gave him the first stage to debut his extraordinary skills.

“The first auction I ever did was in college. We did a sorority auction. It was a talent show, and I just kind of jumped out there on the stage and thought what’s my talent going to be. It was a big hit. I really liked being in front of the people,” Logsdon said. “I never would’ve dreamed that that was going to lead to something much bigger and ultimately be my career some 20 years later,”

Fast forward a couple decades, and Logsdon does it all, dabbling in everything from cars to collectibles.

"I've seen some crazy things over the years,” Logsdon said. “I enjoy helping people, and that’s truly what the auction process allows us to do as auctioneers. It’s putting myself in the seller’s position and truly hoping when I walk away from that they’re going to feel like we did an unbelievable job for them. It’s the competition that really creates a successful auction.”

Safe to say he wears a lot of hats, but only one literal one.

"I wore a cowboy hat to one benefit auction, and it just stuck,” Logsdon said. “If they’re willing to give money, I’m willing to sell my hat.”

From the costume to his quick-wit, the man knows how to work a crowd, but don’t mistake his confidence for complacency.

"I get butterflies every auction,” Logsdon said. “If you’re not getting pumped up by raising money, you’re not alive. I don’t have to check my pulse before an auction because it’s just something that I’m so excited about doing and passionate about.”

The bug's bite is still as strong as ever, giving Logsdon the winning bid every time he takes the mic.

"I'm so glad that I get to wake up every day and do something that I love doing,” Logsdon said. “I’m so looking forward to tomorrow and just to see what tomorrow brings.”


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