LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- The overcrowded impound lot has forced many vehicles to stay on the side of highways and neighborhood streets longer, but city agencies are hoping for a solution soon.

LMPD Lt. Col. Rob Schroeder told WHAS 11 News they’ve been searching for a new, bigger location for nearly two years, but there are strict guidelines that must be followed.

The new site must be at least 15 acres, be relatively flat, centrally located and away from homes or creeks, no exceptions, which has made the search difficult, even with suggestions from the community.

“We've gotten other responses that have come in after the official request for information closed, and we've ruled those out as well, but we are continuing to get feedback from the public,” Theresa Zawacki with Louisville Forward explained.

She said of the 15 or so submissions they receive, none fit all the criteria, and they don’t want to rush such an important decision.

“We want this asset to be a long-lasting opportunity for us and not one that we're going to have to re-examine in five years, or ten years down the line.”

The lot is supposed to hold up to 1800 vehicles, but right now, they're cramming nearly 2300 into the space on Frankfort Avenue at River Road according to Lt. Col. Schroeder.

That is why many broken down cars are left behind, longer.

“If a vehicle presents a safety hazard, it's been in an accident, it's sitting in the middle of the street, it presents some other kind of obvious safety hazard, we try and prioritize them, and then we start getting into the cars that are eye-sores for the neighborhood and are just bothering people by them being there,” Lt. Col. Schroeder explained.

Almost 600 of the vehicles in the lot are evidence from crimes and must stay there long-term. They're also trying to get a warehouse approved, where they can store those long-term vehicles, hoping to clear up some space in the main lot. A decision on that warehouse is expected soon.