LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Two 15-year-olds were killed and another 15-year-old was charged on with their murder on Tuesday after a school shooting at Marshall County High in Western Kentucky.

“For kids to watch repeat reports on this, day after day, can really kind of create anxiety in them that they don't need to have,” child psychologist, Dr. Bryan Carter with UofL explained.

He told WHAS11 News it can be a delicate topic of conversation with kids, but that does not mean it should not be addressed.

“Let your child be your guide, and at times as parents we can over talk it, so we might ask the child what they've heard, if anything and ask the child the source of that information, because it may be misinformation or alarming information.”

Dr. Carter said it’s encouraged to talk about reporting strange or concerning behavior by fellow students with children.

“They really should feel comfortable letting somebody know because often the student can recognize the change in someone's behavior, know a conflict is going on, know a threat has been made and alert an official so something can be done to prevent a tragedy.”

Police have not said whether bullying was the cause for the shooting, but Dr. Carter said kids who are bullied or abused might be more prone to aggressive behavior. He also said a child might drastically change their behavior and it should be noticeable.

“The child becomes more withdrawn, more depressed, more incommunicative, isolating themselves, those kind of concerns and changes in a child's behavior should be an alarm for a parent.”

Dr. Carter told WHAS 11 News that it’s important to allow kids to feel comfortable asking questions.

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