JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WHAS11) -- It’s a hurricane relief effort right from the heart.

“They're for the people that were in the hurricane in Texas,” said Drew Boggs, 5th grader at Sacred Heart Catholic.

Students at Sacred Heart Catholic in Jeffersonville collected uniforms to send to another Sacred Heart school in Rockport, Texas.

“They've lost everything, from the simplest things to shoes and clothes to all their worldly possessions,” said Cathy Bremmer, Director of Technology at Sacred Heart Catholic.

The idea started as a fundraiser. Sacred Heart families collected money for those hit by Harvey. The effort then grew into the uniform drive, a more personal mission for the school.

“We have a lot of uniforms that we keep so students can buy them throughout the year and we thought there's another Sacred Heart in Texas, what better way?” said Bremmer.

It turns out the schools not only share a name but the same colors.

Sacred Heart Catholic spent one week collecting the new or gently used uniforms and the donations piled up. Each student also made a card for the students in Texas.

“We're making people's day and helping them,” said Gavin Doyle, an 8th grade student.

Hand in hand, the kids said a prayer over the uniforms Monday morning before packing them up to be shipped south.

“I hope it makes them feel better and know that we’re praying for them,” said Boggs.

Heart to heart, a lesson of service for the Jeffersonville students hoping to make the recovery process a little easier for their brothers and sisters in Texas.