LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Landis Sims loves baseball.

On this day, I was the one pitching and his mom Amanda, who grew up playing softball, covered the field.

There was something special about the bat and his prosthetic legs.

First, you need to know what's so special about Landis.

Amanda was on her own as she got ready to deliver Landis more than 10 years ago.

Scary enough at 32 weeks, an ultrasound revealed his hands weren't forming and neither was anything below the knees which doctors called a fluke.

Amanda called on a higher power for help.

She says in those moments she turned her life over to God, saying she couldn't do this alone.

That faith reflected in their home, a loving stepfather is now in the picture.

Amanda noticed early on her little boy had a big spirit, a determination to conquer anything.

He learned quickly that without hands, he could lick what was there and the cereal would stick so he could eat it.

They would Velcro a spoon to his arm so he could eat his favorite food, mashed potatoes.

Simple joys often easing tears of figuring out how life was going to work for Landis.

The family figured out that you have to push those doors open.

Amanda said you never give up, you don't make excuses and you work for everything you get.

Inside his home, Landis prefers to move without his prosthetic legs. "It's easier," he said.

Just like any 9-year-old's room, he has his sports heroes like New York Yankees great, Derek Jeter.

Landis met Jeter two years ago and had instant chemistry. He also gave Landis special gifts. The player who says there's no excuse for anyone to work harder than you found a kindred spirit in Landis Sims.

Life hasn't been easy but baseball got a little easier thanks to a new device for his bat.

He also received new prosthetic legs and was recently fitted for them in Chicago.

Now back to that pick-up game where he gave them a test run. Did we mention Landis is also a die-hard Cards fan?


WHAS11 decided to see if the Cards could make his "Field of Dreams" come true. It's not Iowa but Card Country.

One phone call to the head coach to make his dream come true.

Front row seats for Landis and his buddies to watch the Louisville Cardinals play ball and a chance to meet perhaps the next Derek Jeter.

It was time for Landis and his friends to play ball – first throwing and catching.

Then batter up – Landis was ready to give that new fitting on his bat a try.

One by one Landis making contact -- even hitting those outside pitches he couldn't reach before.

Coach Dan McDonnell remembered Landis from summer camp and surprised he just showed up, ready to play ball and not calling ahead to discuss any special needs.

McDonnell saying Landis taught us all to appreciate what we have and make the most of it.

He's always ready to make the most of any opportunity, not by telling people but by showing them.

Amanda says when she see her child, she sees a perfect child with an amazing spirit.

That spirit of showing people what you can do, not what you can't and the best way Landis can do that -- rounding third and coming for home.