LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Veteran sports writer Bob White sits at the media counter during the High School State Basketball Tournament like a natural. It’s what you would expect from a man who has written for the Courier-Journal for more than 50 years.

“I've seen every game in the state tournament since 1963,” he explained.

But this year, he almost didn’t make it. The veteran reporter says he's struggling to get by, his life savings gone. White says nearly $50,000 was taken from him, telling WHAS 11 News he’s been a victim of identity theft.

“I didn't realize it. I was writing checks for the mortgage, car insurance, car payment, and they were all bouncing.”

He believes he knows who it was. LMPD confirms there is an open and active investigation for the exploitation of an adult, but no arrests have been made yet. White said the person who did it was intercepting the mail, too, so he had no idea payments were not going through.

Working as a sports writer for half a century, one is bound to make a few friends along the way. Those friends are still by his side, especially now, when he needs it most. Donations for Bob White have been pouring in, some of them coming from the kids he used to write about.

“I can remember one girl who ran track for Central, this was probably back in the late 70s, and she made a donation,” said White.

So far, White has received over $8,000. His church is raising money to put his electricity back on and his friend and former co-worker got him a seat at the Sweet 16 High School State Basketball Tournament.

“I told him then, there's no way I can thank you, thank you enough. You just don't realize how good people are. I’m very grateful and I hope I can do something for them someday.”

From writing his stories to passing down his wisdom, some might say, he's already done enough.