LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – There’s food, music, dancing and fun – key ingredients for a successful block party but celebrations like these at Beecher Terrace are numbered.

“I wish we could do this every day, every weekend or so,” Denise Fuqua said.

Mitzi Wilson McCauley said, “I come through Jefferson [Street] every day just to see people out here. I see the projects still up but when it’s gone, I’m going to be sad.

The City of Louisville is planning on demolishing and rebuilding Beecher Terrace and is in the process of moving everyone out by 2019. It leaves many residents like Laura Truitt, who has lived at Beecher Terrace the longest of anyone, wondering where they’ll be going next.

"I don't like it because I've done been here that many years, and then have to someplace I don't know anyone? No," she said.

Denise Fuqua added, “They don't know where they're going and they've got certain limits of time to get where they're going. Yeah, I feel sympathy for them.”

While crime may dominate headlines when it comes to Beecher Terrace, those who live and have lived here say this Saturday's celebration tells a better story of what it was like living here.

"You didn't have no crime or nothing. On Friday, they had dances. Everybody enjoyed themselves," Truitt said.

"This is my childhood life where I grew up at. When I was growing up, it was where your neighbors can get you when you get home, your parents can get you," McCauley said.

Fuqua added, "I was raised by my mom here in Beecher Terrace. I raised my children here in Beecher Terrace. It was neighborly. You knew everybody.”

"Every kid around here remembers me, but I don't remember them. They'll say, 'Ms. Truitt, how are you?' 'Who are you?' 'Ms. Truitt, you don't know who I am?' 'No, I don't',” Truitt said.

While not everyone nowadays knows their neighbor, for an afternoon, this was a chance to relive Beecher Terrace's past – when everyone was family.