LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- On one of the hottest days of the year, the hottest game around found players with eyes laser focused on their phones hunting a stretch of Bardstown road on the Pokemon Go trail.

The unsuspecting players had no idea they were also on the campaign trail, lured to the Highlands neighborhood of Louisville by volunteers for Republican US Senator Rand Paul.

A young campaign volunteer hatched a plan to create the so-called Pokestop. She used her own funds to set game lures that would lead Pokemon players to the area. Once the competitors stumbled up the sidewalk, supporters recruited them to support Kentucky's Junior Senator whose running for re-election against Lexington Mayor Jim Gray.

"That's pretty genius for a politician to do it,” said Pokemon player Dustin Hernandez. “I mean, it's appealing to the young people especially but, the thing with Pokemon is that, I know people that are 60 playing this game too on this street."

And while the lures lured a handful of players, several were much more familiar with the game characters than the guy running for re-election.

“I mean, I've heard the name ‘Rand Paul’ before and you know my roommates are really big into politics so I can definitely become a little bit more aware,” said a young man who stumbled upon the Pokestop while playing the game.

WHAS11 asked Rand Paul Senate Campaign Communications Director, Kelsey Cooper, about all of the players who did not know about her candidate during Thursday’s effort.

Cooper replied, “Well, that means we're doing our job. We're letting them know who Rand Paul is and I think that's incredibly important.”

The effort netted about 50 new registered supporters, most of whom were not playing Pokemon at all but just happened to be walking down Bardstown Road during the lunch hour.

Volunteers were not disappointed, instead they saw it as a learning experience as they consider taking this creature canvassing effort to college campuses in the fall.

Campaign volunteers said, while many of them play the game, it appears Senator Paul has yet to catch Pokemon fever.