LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS 11) -- WHAS 11 is proud to sponsor the Race for the Cure coming up on October 14th. All proceeds go to Susan G. Komen of Kentucky, a group that is helping save lives. Every major development in the last 30 years to help stop breast cancer has been touched by the organization.

One of the many people impacted is Abigail Hyland.



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“I think I just want everyone to have a good time and to enjoy themselves,” said the soon to be bride.

From the feel of the venue to the placement of every table. 26-year-old Abigail Hyland has your typical duties as a bride. She even has a support team ready to help.

“My mom has taken over a lot of the stress, so I haven’t had to take that on.”

Which is especially important for Abigail, because since getting engaged, she’s had duties no bride wants - a double mastectomy, chemo, reconstructive surgery and radiation.


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Men can get breast cancer too

“We were engaged September 4th last year and diagnosed February 21st," explained Abigail.

Just a few days before her wedding Abigail sat in a room at Norton Hospital, getting an infusion.

“Tracy, my nurse looks after me, gets me the window spot”

There are a lot of people looking out for Abigail.

“I was really happy she allowed me to come to these, and to see her exposed and vulnerable,” explained Adam, the soon to be groom.

The hard, but real parts of life that are only drawing this couple closer together.

“I couldn’t do it without him,” said Abigail, on the verge of tears. “He’s amazing. He’s been awesome this whole time.”

They fight cancer together, so much so, that for their family wedding shower, they didn’t ask for gifts, they asked for donations to Susan G. Komen of Kentucky.

“I think it’s important to just get involved I guess in any way I can,” said Abigail.

Susan G. Komen is an organization that’s determined to help Abigail and others like her make it to all their big days.

“By 2026, we want to reduce breast cancer deaths by 50 percent,” explained Lynn Huffman with Susan G Komen of Kentucky.

The money you give to the organization supports grants that fund education, research, screenings and treatment.

“They money that is raised in our community, stays in our community,” explained Huffman.

Helping people like Abigail – her cancer is in remission, and she’s almost done with radiation.

“So excited, just the best celebration to be ending all this, be an awesome weekend, we’re really

If you’d like to donate to Komen in honor of this couple, go to komenkentucky.org. When you’re donating give in honor of Abigail Hyland. If you donate to the race specifically, you can put the donations toward “The A Team.”

It’s also not too late to sign up for the race for the cure – you can walk or run. If you can’t make it on the 14th or you would rather sleep in there is a virtual participant option.

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