LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- Police are warning parents after two attempted kidnappings within Metro Louisville. Both incidents happened in the Norton Commons subdivision in far Eastern Jefferson County.

Police said a woman tried luring the children into her black SUV, luckily neither complied with her demands.

"It’s difficult to think about what might have happened, what came so close to happening," Casey Reynolds, the young victim’s mother, said.

Just after dark and only one block from home, Reynolds daughter was walking the family dog when a woman with shoulder-length brown hair, in a black SUV, approached her.

"It’s terrifying. It’s terrifying," Reynolds said.

The woman lied to Reynolds' 12-year-old daughter, trying to lure her into the car.

Reynolds explained, "She told my daughter your mom is busy, she told me to pick you up, get in the back seat."

She said her daughter knew better and ran home instead.

"She was scared. Very scared”, she said.

The terrified mother called the police and during their interview from her front porch, spotted a car that matched her daughter's description.

"They each ran to their cars and took off to chase them," Reynolds said.

The SUV got away. Police said they were trapped behind stopped cars and couldn’t catch up.

But police have seen a picture that shows a car similar to the one the young victim described. It was captured on a neighbors security camera.

It also matches a description from the parents of a 10-year-old boy, who say the same thing happened to their son last week.

Officer Dave Hamblin said, "We're asking people to remain vigilant, keep their eyes open."

Police are now on high alert, as Norton Commons is warning neighbors. The subdivision alerted neighbors Tuesday that they would be hiring private security and would continue working with police.

Police also want parents to call 911 if they see anything suspicious. They said neighborhood apps are good for alerting neighbors, but incidents like these need to be called into authorities first.

Hamblin said, "The sooner we get cars there, the sooner we have eyes on something and the sooner we can stop it before something occurs."

Officers want parents to talk to their children and this mother wants her daughter's incident to be the last.

"I don’t want any parent to go through what I went through," Reynolds said.

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