LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- 101 names. 101 lives lost.

“It's important to remember and it's important to pray,” said Father Chuck Walker.A service at the Good Shepherd Catholic Parish honored the 101 people killed in Louisville this year and the families still mourning.

“I have no idea what it's like to lose somebody tragically like this so to give some kind of hope and consolation for those who are victims and for families because it's a family tragedy,” said Father Walker.While the congregation sang and prayed to stop the violence, Louisville's Chief Steve Conrad made his end of the year report on violence.

“The numbers I'm reporting today show many positive signs of improvement,” said Chief Conrad.Chief Conrad told Metro Council that overall crime is down by more than four percent. Homicides are also down about 8 percent.

“In total, I believe these numbers illustrate that all of the efforts we've taken particularly over the past several months are working,” said Chief Conrad.Still, he addressed the 101 people killed this year, nine fewer homicides than at this same point last year.

“While I'm glad that the crime numbers are lower, I am heartbroken that all of these number and in particular the homicide numbers are not significantly lower,” Chief Conrad said.

It's a heartbreak the congregation prayed to mend.

The numbers tell a story of less crime but as families remember their loved ones it's clear, one life lost is one too many.