Woman raises money to build grocery store in Russell neighborhood
Setting goals and making a difference. One woman is on a mission to break down the 9th Street Divide and she's helped to raise millions to get it done in west Louisville.
Author: Renee Murphy
Published: 12:46 AM EST February 9, 2018
Updated: 12:46 AM EST February 9, 2018
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – It was once known as Louisville’s Harlem and Jamesetta Ferguson wants to see a piece of that come back to the Russell neighborhood.

“This is where my heart is and I have a love for the people here,” she said.

Ferguson grew up in Beecher Terrace, now a pastor and a leader of a community development corporation, she’s turned personal passion into real action by helping raise more than $7 million to build a grocery store.

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“They should have – you know a grocery – they should have drug stores. They should have the amenities others in our Jefferson County communities should have,” she said.

With the help of a grant and private donations, the money will be used to help build The Village at West Jefferson, located at 12th and Jefferson. It’s an empty lot but Ferguson sees it as the beginning of a rebirth.

A one-block hub of business, dining and retail.

“If we have that, I believe that not only will the Russell residents participate but then others will see that they can come here and take advantage of those things as well,” she said.

Crossing over 9th Street, a divide that Ferguson says stretches across the city.

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“The perception is that it is a bunch of poor people of color that don’t have a desire to better themselves and are not interested in improving their community,” she said.

Ferguson says that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

“We should have hope in that we can always rise above our circumstances,” she said.

Revitalization is just around the corner and a new development that could be the bridge to a brighter future.

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