LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Kentucky First Lady Glenna Bevin was at the L&N Building recently sharing holiday cheer with clients and workers.

When she noticed a woman wearing a thin t-shirt and shivering, she overheard the woman’s story and felt compelled to give the woman her own coat.

"Basically, one of the women came over and said I have to run upstairs this woman doesn't have a coat. She came back and all she could find was a scarf so I emptied my pockets and gave her mine but that's what you do,” she said.

The First Lady was reluctant to talk about that moment inside the L and N Building last week – a moment that moved those who witnessed it to create an effort to help others.

I came across the story after seeing a Facebook post by CHFS Executive Administrative Assistant Jane Deuster detailing the encounter and calling for a donation of coats, hats, mittens and socks for clients of all ages.

"We had kids coming in there with no socks on their feet and like the woman with no coat. You've got kids who haven't – they have nothing. No mittens, no hat – they’re there for food and to see Santa Claus because that's probably going to be their Christmas,” she said.

CW: Is there a number in your mind of people you’d like to help?

GB: How do you put a number on that? All of them – all of them.

Items already dropped off will be dry cleaned for free after Mrs. Duester said Highland Cleaners offered joined the effort.

Taking donations at the L&N building allows staffers to act directly when they see a need instead of being forced to send a client to another agency.

I asked the first lady if she realized that others may not have been so quick to help.

CW: A lot of people wouldn't have done what you had done and a lot of people may not have thought about it.

GB: A lot of people would though. That's Kentucky. You don't understand, I am out there all the time. People in Kentucky are some of the sweetest, kindest, most generous you will ever meet. That's who we are it's like second nature.

If you'd like to donate you can visit CHFS here at the L&N building at corner of 9th and Broadway.