LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- An anti-abortion group speaks out after agreeing to follow a judge’s ruling for a temporary buffer zone outside Kentucky’s only clinic that performs abortions.

Members of the group known as "Operation Save America" responded Tuesday morning to the agreement reached with the U.S. attorney's office.

The news conference comes on the heels of the two sides reaching an agreement Monday evening to keep the temporary restraining order in place. That order created a buffer zone around the entrance to the EMW Women's Surgical Center, preventing protesters from blocking the doors.

The US attorney's office had asked the judge for the buffer zone because the group affiliated with those 11 people who were arrested for blocking the clinic's doors back in May is in Louisville this week for daily protests.

On Tuesday an attorney representing three of those defendants called this a victory because there will be no long-term buffer zone outside the clinic.

He says the members of Operation Save America, a Texas-based anti-abortion group involved with this case, are in town this week to get people talking about abortion and he says they're accomplishing that goal.

"We're tearing apart infants -- babies arms and legs day after day here in Louisville, Kentucky. We should be upset and it should stop,” Vince Heuser, the attorney for the three defendants, said.

Operation Save America is continuing protests on Tuesday. The group has about 1,000 members spread throughout town.